Things to Know When Buying Infusion Set

Infusion set is a device used for giving medication or fluids through the skin. It consists of a catheter, needle, syringe and tubing. The catheter goes under the skin and connects to the subcutaneous tissue. The needle delivers the medication into your body, while the cannula allows fluid or blood to exit your body. As per the experts at Tandem Diabetes, when it comes to infusion sets, “your choice will depend on your height, site location, daily activities, and other preferences.”

This article discusses some important things that you should know before buying an infusion set:

Infusion Set Change

The infusion site is the place where the needle is inserted into your body. It should be cleaned with alcohol swabs before inserting the needle. Infusion sets: The infusion set consists of a catheter and tubing that carries medication from your pump to your body.

  • Cannula: A cannula is a short, flexible tube that’s inserted under your skin, so you can get an infusion without using needles every time.
  • Pump: A pump is used to deliver continuous infusions of drugs directly into your bloodstream—the solution drips through tiny tubes connected to venous access devices such as central lines or peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs). Types of infusions include subcutaneous delivery and intravenous delivery (IV).
  • Priming bolus: This refers to a small amount of fluid delivered initially after connecting the IV line in order for it not to become clogged when starting an infusion.

Let’s learn more about them in detail:


You can also use a pump to deliver insulin to your body. A pump allows you to program the amount of insulin you want and how often it should be delivered. It’s not uncommon for those with type 1 diabetes, especially teens and young adults, to use a pump instead of multiple injections throughout the day.

The most common type of infusion set is called an insertion-type infusion set (ITIS). This is the most commonly used method used by people with diabetes because it provides easy access to injecting medication without having to remove any clothing or other objects that may hinder its use.


A cannula is a small tube that is inserted into the vein. It’s used for infusions that require a small amount of fluid and are done on a short-term basis. The most common type of cannula used in infusion therapy is called the Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC). This type of device has been proven to be safe, effective and easy to use by healthcare professionals around the world.

Priming Bolus

Priming the infusion set is a simple and important process. The infusion set is the part of the IV catheter that connects to the vein. It delivers fluids, medications and nutrition for your health care needs.

Priming is necessary because it helps prime (fill) the chamber in the tip of your infusion set that allows fluid to flow through it when you turn on your pump or tap water into it. Without priming, you will not be able to turn on your pump or tap water into it because there won’t be any liquid in this chamber yet. This could lead to an error message saying “prime pump,” which means start over again by doing another prime bolus of 2mls.

Infusion sets are the most important part of your infusion therapy. They can make or break your treatment, so it’s important to choose a set that will work best for you and your lifestyle.

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