Noah Shannon Green: Megan Fox’s Son

Noah Shannon Green is the son of the most accomplished female cinematographer. In September 2012, he was born. His mother, Megan Fox, is an actress and model, and his father, Brian Austin Green, is an actor. Noah Shannon is the eldest son of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. Because of his long hair and the clothes he chooses to wear, Noah is frequently mistaken for a female. At such a young age, however, this small young man is already serving looks and is interested in fashion. While still in school, Megan Fox began her professional career, and it was during her teenage years that she began to make small appearances that helped her decide on an acting career. She completed her formal schooling, then headed to Hollywood in an attempt to make a name for herself there. After appearing in several bit parts, she finally got her big break in 2007’s drama “Holiday in the Sun,” and later that year, in the sitcom “Hope.”

Biography of Noah Shannon Green

Even though Noah Shannon Green’s father was already expecting another child with Vanessa Marcil, Megan Fox and Brian Austin of Spain were overjoyed to welcome their new bundle of joy into the world on September 27, 2012. On the set of a film that year (2004), Megan was 18 years old and Brian was 30 years old when they first met each other. After dating for two years, they finally decided to move in together. In 2010, they went ahead and tied the knot, and the ceremony took place on the island of Hawaii. After a few years of marriage, Megan was getting ready to file for divorce from Brian when she discovered that she was expecting a child. Therefore, the birth of their first son, Noah Shannon Green, in 2012, their second son, Bodhi, in 2014, and their third son, in 2016, prevented them from divorcing.

Noah Green Education

Noah Shannon Green has always been a style icon, even from an early age. At the age of around 10, he is enrolled in primary school in the United States where he currently resides. The United States of America was where Noah Shannon Green received his primary education. In addition, he worked on his acting skills and enjoyed playing soccer in his spare time. Due to their respect for Noah’s right to privacy, Megan Fox and Brian have not disclosed the location of Noah’s school. However, Megan mentioned in an interview that Noah attends a fairly liberal school in the state of California. In the same manner, Noah has had challenges, such as being bullied at school. Specifically due to the way he dresses. Noah claims that his favorite thing to do is to dress up. And the other children at his school are unequivocally not on his side. Additionally, Noah is a kid who is highly active at school and participates in a variety of sports.

Noah Shannon Green Now

There are nine years between Noah Shannon Green and you. In addition to his academic pursuits in elementary and primary school, he spends his time enjoying each day by donning a variety of outfits of his choosing. He is developing his sense of style although he is still quite young, and he is fortifying himself to withstand the cruel remarks that are made by other people.

Noah Shannon Green Instagram

You can view Noah Shannon Green’s photos on his mother Megan Fox’s Instagram account because Noah is too young to have an Instagram account of his own. His mother Megan Fox publishes all of the pics of Noah.

Noah Shannon Green Siblings

The actor Brians has a son named Kassius Lijah from a prior relationship he had with the actress Vanessa Marcil. Additionally, all four brothers have a strong connection to one another because they are frequently observed spending quality time together while on vacation.

The Relationship between Megan and Brian

In 2004, while working together on the set of “Hope and Faith,” Megan and Brian had their first encounter. The actress was just 18 years old, while Brian was almost twice as old as she was (30). The two had a difficult time getting along at first due to their age gap, but eventually, it stopped being a problem. The two people initially got together in one year, and by the following year, they were engaged. Their relationship was always fraught with conflict and marked by many highs and lows. In 2009, the couple decided to end their engagement, but they reconciled the following year. This attempt at rapprochement resulted in the formation of marriage. They chose to have a simple wedding at the Four Seasons resort Hualalai on June 24, 2010, and it was there that they officially became husband and wife. As they exchanged vows that would last a lifetime, Brian’s older son Kassius served as the sole witness. In the subsequent two years, the couple became parents for the first time, to their older son Noah. In 2014, Megan gave birth to the couple’s second child, Bodhi. In 2015, things spiraled out of hand for the second time since they had been together, which ultimately resulted at the end of their relationship. The actress wasted no time in submitting her divorce papers. But in 2016, they seemed to pick up where they left off as if nothing had ever happened to separate them. 

The Splitting Up of Noah’s Parents

Even though things seemed to be turning around this time, their partnership was not able to last for very long. Despite attempts at reconciliation, the couple divorced in May of 2020, marking the second time that Megan had submitted a petition for dissolution of marriage. Despite this, the divorce is not yet official because the judge did not accept their documents. This will most likely require additional time to sort out. Megan and Brian have both moved on with their lives and are now in happy relationships with the people of their dreams. Megan is currently dating American rapper Colson Baker, better known by his stage name Machine Gun Kelly, and Brian is currently seeing Sharna Burgess. The judge will ultimately decide what arrangement is in the children’s best interests, but for the time being, the parents continue to share joint custody of their children.

Relationship between Noah Shannon and MGK

The actress first got to know MGK in March of 2020 while working on the set of “Midnight in the Switchgrass.” There was an attraction, but the two didn’t start dating until June of the same year. In addition, MGK’s release of the song titled “Bloody Valentine” gave the audience an indication of the blossoming romance between the two of them. In the music video that was based on their actual relationship, Megan played the role of his girlfriend. The couple has won hearts with their wonderful costume selections, which are so beautifully coordinated with one another. After three months, Megan decided to expose the rapper to her children. Moving forward in time, the kids and MGK get along very well, likely because they spend a lot of time together traveling or going for walks. On the other hand, Noah is a kid who takes things in stride. He is endowed with a forceful personality, which lends him an air of allure. On the other hand, he has been in the news for some strange reasons, such as his eccentric sense of style and his long hair. We admire the young man’s self-assurance, even though the 9-year-old boy doesn’t appear to be overly bothered by it.

Noah Likes To Wear Dresses

Spiteful people have frequently referred to Noah Shannon Green as if she were a girl. The way he styles his hair and the clothes he wears both go against the grain of traditional gender expectations. But Megan Fox claims that she has been dealing with this problem ever since her child was a young youngster. Noah Shannon Green is in the public eye due to the clothes that he wears, and his parents are educating their other children to be self-assured and not listen to or be influenced by the comments or opinions of people like Noah’s critics. Megan also mentioned that he enjoys it so much that he wants to stop wearing dresses. Her eldest son Noah, who is so interested in fashion that he believes that boys shouldn’t be the only ones to wear dresses because they are so cool, is raised by Megan Fox with the understanding that childhood is all about having fun. Megan Fox raises her kids with the understanding that childhood is all about having fun. In an interview, Megan mentioned that Noah is a huge shopper and fashion enthusiast. And he has such a good time doing it that he wants to keep wearing dresses even on the rare occasions when he has to get ready all by himself. When Megan was trying on a yellow dress, Noah stated very assuredly that if they wrapped it in a certain way, it would look like a diaper. Megan laughed and said she didn’t believe him. Megan stated in an interview that Noah is sensitive to criticism, and she went on to say that some of Noah’s friends have approached him and told him that “boys don’t wear dresses” or “boys don’t wear pink.” Megan’s comments were made about Noah’s appearance. Noah’s level of self-consciousness has consequently increased as a direct result of the comments. In 2017, Megan posted a picture of her family on Instagram. In the picture, Noah was dressed up like a character from the movie Frozen, which was produced by Disney. Almost immediately, people started passing judgment on Megan and making harsh comments about the small boy, but Noah’s father, Brian Austin, stood up for his son and defended him against the comments.

Noah Shannon Age

Noah Shannon was born on September 27th, 2012, in the country that is now known as the United States of America. As of this moment, he is nine years old. Noah is the firstborn child of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, who are also his parents. Noah is the oldest of his three younger brothers, and he also has an older half-brother.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total number of daughters that Megan Fox has?

It does not appear that she has any daughters.

When did Megan Fox have her first child, and how old was she at the time?

Megan Fox, who is now 26 years old, has stated that becoming a mother “saved” her and provided her with a purpose in life.

Who is Megan Fox’s first Son, and What Does He Do?

The eldest of Megan Fox’s children is a boy named Noah Shannon Green.

Are Noah Shannon Green and Shannon Green Dating?

Because Noah is just nine years old, it is inappropriate for him to be involved in a romantic relationship at this stage in his life. However, once he’s older, this charming child will get a great deal of attention from attractive women. As of right now, he takes pleasure in his youth; developing meaningful connections will take a great deal more time.


The life of Noah Shannon Green has been kept under wraps by Brian and Megan, who only provide their followers with information on an irregular basis. But Brian made an exception to the rule and declared to the entire world on social media how much he adored Noah.

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