Loranocarter+Catalonia Professional Basketball Player

Loranocarter+Catalonia is a professional basketball player who represents Catalonia in international competitions. He was born on 8th October 1995 in Igualada, Barcelona, Catalonia. 

He started playing basketball with CE Sant Josep at the age of 10 and then moved to CB Cornellà when he was 15 years old. After two seasons at Cornellà, he joined Joventut Badalona’s youth academy for the 2013-14 season was played with their junior team 3×3 squad that won the Spanish national title and later represented Spain at the FIBA Europe Under-18 Championship held in Turkey. 

After spending one more year training with Joventut’s senior team as an affiliated player, Lora made his debut in Liga ACB during the 2014-15 season and helped them promote to Liga ACB after winning promotion playoffs against Baloncesto Fuenlabrada. In July 2017, he signed a three-year deal worth 2 million euros net annually with Valencia BC.”

Loranocarter+catalonia is passionate about basketball 

Loranocarter+Catalonia has been basketball mad since he was a little boy. He started playing in the school playground, and never looked back. Basketball is more than just a sport to Loranocarter+Catalonia – it’s his passion. 

He loves everything about the game: from dribbling up and down the court, to sinking baskets in clutch situations. And he particularly enjoys playing with other passionate players who share her love for the game. His favorite team is always Barcelona (of course!), but Loranocarter+Catalonia also cheers on any other Spanish or international sides that are doing well at tournaments. 

Basketball has taken Loranocarter+Catalonia all over Europe; he’s played in France, Italy, Germany, and Belgium, as well as Spain of course! It doesn’t matter where he is – whether it be an official tournament or simply a casual match against friends – if there’s a ball present then you can guarantee that Loranocarter+Catalonia will be out there giving his all.


Loranocarter+catalonia is an athlete in Catalonia and has competed for years in regional and national competitions. He has medaled many times, with a focus on the javelin throw. Her record-setting performances have made his one of the best Catalan athletes in history.

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